A personal and kind community for developers

Devolio is a social space for aspiring and expert developers. We are building it as an alternative to other dev communities that we believe limit developers in their creativity and discussion. We want our platform to allow coders to express their innate power of creation and share it with others!





This whole community is targeted at developers. And developers are creative people who love building impressive and impactful projects. So, we want our platform to be not only a place for discussion and the sharing of ideas but also an actual playground for creation! We will allow you to custom design your profile pages and are working on an api paired with an extensive documentation so you can interact with our data and code useful projects!



We want users to be able to integrate their accounts on Github and other developer sites with Devolio. Our servers would then interact with your profiles to automatically post updates and stats on your profile page about what you're working on and your milestones.



We acknowledge the shameful privacy issues that have been happening on popular social media like Facebook or Instagram. This is why we want Devolio to be an open and transparent platform whose business model does not subsist on selling user data. This is why we are using the open source, privacy focused analytics company Matomo.